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J. Todd Tenge founded the Tenge Law Firm in Boulder, Colorado in 1992.  He wanted to make sure injured people in Colorado had a personal injury law firm they could trust.  A law firm that always put the client’s needs and interests first.  And, a law firm that leveled the playing field between the injured individual and the massive insurance companies and big corporations.  A law firm that provided counsel, comfort, and compassion to all clients every step of the way.  A law firm with accident attorneys that would not accept “low ball” insurance offers and would go the extra mile for their clients to achieve excellent results.  A law firm that would be responsive to clients and actually answer their questions and tend to their needs – in a timely manner.  A law firm with injury lawyers that would really care about their clients and their client’s families.  And finally, a law firm that would do what it takes to achieve justice for the injured.  Twenty-two years later, that law firm is the Tenge Law Firm.

The injury attorneys at the Tenge Law Firm represents individuals injured in:

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