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Motor Vehicle Accidents

  • Motor Vehicle Accidents

    Motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of death and disability for Americans between the ages of 2 and 33, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)… Read More

Personal Injury

  • Brain Injury

    Caring for a family member with a brain injury can be physically, emotionally, and financially draining. Watching a loved one suffer is devastating to a family, especially when the brain injury was the result of the negligent or reckless conduct of another… Read More

  • Burn Injury

    We understand that burn injuries are one of the most painful and devastating injuries someone can suffer and we are dedicated to helping you and your family in any way possible… Read More

  • Spinal Cord Injuries

    Spinal cord injuries change the lives of victims and their families forever. Often causing paralysis of some or all limbs, spinal cord injuries require extensive medical treatment, rehabilitation, and, in many cases, the assistance of a full-time caregiver for life… Read More

  • Neck and Back Injuries

    Neck and back injuries produce pain and discomfort and can also restrict motion; some disappear with time, and others require medical intervention and treatment to eliminate symptoms… Read More

  • Paralysis

    Individuals who are paralyzed in an accident caused by someone else’s negligent behavior are entitled to significant financial compensation… Read More

  • Orthopedic Injury

    Orthopedic injuries, including bone fractures and joint injuries, can be painful and debilitating, robbing a victim of his or her quality of life and force many to miss work… Read More

  • Construction Accidents

    By nature, construction work is inherently risky; sites are typically filled with dangerous heavy equipment, unwieldy materials, and toxic chemicals. Construction workers who are injured in on-the-job accidents have the right to file for workers’ compensation benefits… Read More

  • Wrongful Death

    Perhaps the most difficult cases the Tenge Law Firmhandles are those representing grieving families who have recently lost a loved one in an accident. A death is “wrongful” when it is caused by the negligent or deliberately… Read More

  • Product Liability

    If a product that is released into the hands of consumers is poorly designed, manufactured, defective, or lacking the proper warning labels, the injured party may have a claim for damages… Read More

  • Premises Liability

    Under Colorado law, property owners have a responsibility to keep their premises safe and warn visitors of potential hazards. If they fail to do so, and someone is injured on the property… Read More

  • Nursing Home Abuse

    Nursing home residents place an extraordinary amount of trust in their caretakers to feed, clothe, medicate, and otherwise care for them. For an institution to breach this trust and abuse, neglect, or take advantage… Read More

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